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BAPC 2024 

Language Teaching in the Age of AI

April 6, 2024

Shillman Hall

BAPC 2024 aims to explore the evolving relationship between technology and language teaching and learning.

Over the past four decades, technology has become a significant topic of discussion and research in language teaching. Computers and digital tools have revolutionized Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) programs, offering learners new opportunities. The rapid growth in computing power has enabled the creation of various technological tools, such as multimedia applications, speech recognition systems, and advanced machine translation technology. Additionally, the latest integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has prompted a reevaluation of the approaches used in language education.  These advancements pose both opportunities and challenges for language educators and researchers, particularly concerning language acquisition processes and transcultural competence.

In acknowledgment of technology’s transformative role, BAPC 2024 seeks to investigate innovations and research in language teaching and learning. The conference will provide a platform for educators to explore the dynamic intersection of technology and best teaching practices. It also seeks to facilitate meaningful and critical discussions on the affordances and limitations of technology while inspiring collaborations that can shape the future of language teaching and learning. 

Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to announce Professor Per Urlaub, Director of Global Languages at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as the keynote speaker for the 2024 BAPC.

Keynote Title: The Translation Nexus: Where Language, Literature, and STEM Education Converge.

Closing remarks by Vance Ricks, Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science at Northeastern University, will conclude the conference, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on the theme.


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The event is sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) and by the Global Asian Studies Program (GAS).

Conference Organizing Committee