2024 Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address

“The Translation Nexus: Where Language, Literature, and STEM Education Converge”


Professor Per Urlaub is the Director of Global Languages at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he teaches German and Translation Studies. Before joining MIT in 2022, he was a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin and at Middlebury College, where he served as Associate Dean of the Middlebury Language Schools. The author of over 50 research publication and editor of three books, his scholarly interests are located at the intersection of second language/literacy acquisition, intercultural development, translation studies, international education, literature, and technology. A main strand of his earlier research generated a more nuanced understanding of the process of literary reading in the second language. An authority on the strategic and intentional use of technology in language teaching, his most recent scholarship focuses on affordances and limitations of machine translation and generative AI technologies in language and humanities education. He holds a PhD from Stanford University.

Per Urlaub

Professor and Director of Global Languages at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2024 Closing Remarks

Vance Ricks

Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science


Vance Ricks is an associate teaching professor at Northeastern University, holding joint appointments with the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and Khoury College of Computer Sciences. Ricks earned his doctorate in philosophy from Stanford University. His teaching and research focus on moral philosophy, ranging from the ethics of digital technologies to the works of John Stuart Mill. He has published works on the implications of social networks for friendship and for gossip, and he has forthcoming publications on autonomous vehicles and on the moral worldviews portrayed in so-called “prestige” television shows. He recently helped edit and contribute chapters to the Mozilla Foundation’s Responsible Computer Science Playbook, a guide for both computer science instructors and others who want to incorporate ethical reasoning into their curricula.